Craft Boxes

Another custom packaging, which we are broadly offering is custom Kraft Boxes. These boxes are ideally inexpensive, and their tear-resistant paper is also a highly appealing factor.

The basic resource material is extracted from the old paper stocks or combined with pine wood pulp. These Custom Packaging boxes have broad options to apply on. They can carry all the Add-ons that one can opt for. The sturdy paper of Kraft conveniently provides all the print embellishments for sale and shipping purposes. That is what, we are doing proficiently.

Massive Utilizations

Almost all of the industries massively use Kraft boxes for various applications. Some of the prominent usages of Kraft Boxes can be seen in the following sectors.

We, at Healey Packaging, provide you with all the custom kraft packaging solutions. And we also have an appealing array of Kraft Bags for all of the coKraft boxes stylesrporate sectors.

  • Customization with Comfort
  • Whatever are the packaging requirements of your product being, just talk to us. We can provide you capable and well-versed bespoke craftsmanship for kraft packaging.
  • Our efficient manufacturing capabilities enable us to come up with the latest kraft wrappings. These boxes can be produced in all of the designs and dimensions. Just talk to us and we can personalize as per your display selling and procuring needs.
  • We know the Kraft art with optimum aptitude. Then there are various print options to apply. Just choose the desired colours as per PMS (Pantone Matching System).
  • Forward us your choice and let us give you the best solution in the form of CMYK or by screen printing accordingly. Thus, we provide you with all the solutions for Kraft paper packaging wholesale, efficiently and conveniently.

Eco-Friendly Kraft Boxes

A hefty plus point of these boxes is there environmentally friendly nature.

Use them and be a part of the green surrounding. Kraft paper boxes are totally recyclable, take them, use them; comfortably and proficiently.

At Healey Packaging, we manufacture and supply all of the Kraft storage boxes in bulk. We also provide free design support for all of our clients. Our one window production proficiencies provide all the packaging solutions within quick times and affordable pricing.

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