Custom Cone Sleeve Printing

Custom Cone Sleeve Printing: Right from day one, when cone ice cream came into existence it is a bit difficult task to hold it and keep it safe from melting. Now you don’t need to worry at all because Healey Packaging manufacture cone sleeves to keep your cones in position.

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Custom Cone Sleeve Printing with Eco-friendly Material

Furthermore, as the demand for ice cream cones is getting high day by day, the competition among the ice cream sellers is also increasing. All of them are in the need of such unique ways to make them prominent and more demanding ones as compared to the other ones. For this purpose, we have introduced such incredible features that will help your ice cream cone stand out in the market. These features include vibrant colours, mesmeric add-ons, absolute safety guaranteed material, and personalized printing options. The best thing about our custom waffle cone sleeve Printing is their affordable prices with the free delivery addition.

No Worries about the Safety of Cones with Following Materials:

We have introduced the best quality materials that will provide ultimate protection to your ice cream cones. These materials are for the packaging sleeve in which you will keep the ice cream cones. Additionally, the materials that we prefer and offer for the custom cone sleeves are cardboard and Kraft. Both materials come with the flexibility of thickness. Like, you can increase and decrease it according to your choice and most probably according to the demand for the ice cream cone.

The cardboard material is made of such material that you can easily mould it into any shape; that’s why this material is easy to create the perfect shape of the packaging sleeve for the ice cream cone. The most used thickness of this material is 14pt, but we know that ice cream cones are susceptible to the body; that is why you can decrease the thickness of the cardboard material to make it acceptable by the ice cream cone sleeves.

Furthermore, the Kraft material is our top preference because of its nature-friendly properties. This material is to biodegrade. Therefore, we use it as our participation in the safety of nature. Additionally, you can also increase and decrease the thickness of this material as needed by the custom waffle cone sleeves.

Presence of “Transparent Sheet” an Additional Way to Keep your Packaging Sleeve Safe

We all are well known that when ice cream melts, it can damage the sleeves. We do not want to leave any fault that can damage the packaging sleeve as we prefer to give you the best thing because you are trusting us in the matter of your ice cream cone related packaging. Therefore, we add a transparent sheet in the packaging sleeve so that if the ice cream melts, it left no damage on the packaging sleeves. We are giving you the ultimate guarantee that in our packaging sleeves, your ice cream cones will remain safe. Also, this packaging will surely represent your ice cream cones’ brand in the best possible manner.

Incredibly Amazing Elaboration that will Give an Alluring Look to your Custom Cone Sleeves

Customers easily get attracted to things that have a unique and appealing appearance. Same in the case of ice cream cones, the customer will prefer to enjoy that ice cream cones, which packaging sleeve will impress them and will grasp their attention. Therefore, we have introduced different bewitching elaboration that will give an influencing look to your ice cream cones and will for sure grab the attentio9n of the customers towards itself. These elaborations include innovative designs, eye-catchy colour combinations, appealing embossing and debossing, and eye-captivating coatings.

Innovative Designs

Your cone should look appealing while placed in a custom cone sleeve Printing. For this, you must visit our website HealeyPackaging where you can find a wide variety of sleeves in different shapes and designs in which you can place your ice-cream cones easily. Amendments can also be done on customers’ demand.

Eye-catchy colour combination Custom Cone Sleeve

Having one unique brown or white coloured box makes us all bored. Our eyes want something different and colourful. You can have a different variety of colours in custom cone sleeves at HealeyPackaging. We use the best quality of colours which maintain their quality and brightness after a long period as well.

Appealing Embossing and Debossing

The best way to make your ice cream cones prominent and to grasp the attention of the customer is the addition of embossing and debossing. These two are the elaborations that can give a unique and exclusive look to your ice cream cone coversBesides, the embossing is done to highlight the titles, logos, names, or other such things. The embossing engraves all these previously mentioned things. In contrast to this, the debossing works in such a way that it imprints and presses the logs, titles, and names on the surface of the sleeve. The best thing about embossing and debossing is that you can add the foiling into it. This will enhance the look of embossed and debossed things.

Eye-catchy Coatings

Coatings are done on the sleeve to change the built-in dull colour of the material that is used to form the sleeve. Furthermore, these coatings give a very gleaming look to your sleeves. Additionally, we offer coatings in two different types. The first one is matte, and the other one is gloss. The difference between both of them is that the matte gives a non-shiny and unpolished look. While the gloss gives a shiny and polished look to the waffle cone paper sleeve.

Avail Printing Options to Advertise your Brand of Ice-cream Cones

The rush of different ice cream cones’ brands in the market and all of the brands try their best to stand out as the most demanding and the prominent one. Therefore, we have introduced the best solution for these brands and our respected customers, which is the printing options. They can use this option to advertise themselves over the custom printed cone sleeve.

Furthermore, if you are thinking that these printing options will disturb the budget that you have set for availing of the elaboration, then you do not need to be worried about it. As the printing options that we have introduced are completely affordable. Moreover, these printing options divide into three types. These are screen printing, digital printing, and flexography printing. The screen and the flexography are the best options for the bulk of printing. Also, both types of printings consist of toner. As compared to them, the digital is a toner printing type. The best thing about this printing option is that it gives the most precise final images.

Affordable rates Printed Cone Sleeves Printing

The best part about HealeyPackaging is that you can have all these custom cone sleeve Printing at affordable rates without any tension. Don’t miss out on the opportunity and place your order now at our website HealeyPackaging to increase the taste and value of your ice-cream cones.

Swift and Stalwart Delivery

We are offering free delivery of these custom ice cream cone sleeves. This free delivery addition is the ease and comfort of our respected customers. Now there is no issue of late and unsatisfactory delivery services. Order now and your order will be at your mentioned place within a maximum of 4 to 8 business days.

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