Custom Cone Sleeve Printing

Custom Cone Sleeve Printing: Right from day one, when cone ice cream came into existence it is a bit difficult task to hold it and keep it safe from melting. Now you don’t need to worry at all because Healey Packaging manufacture cone sleeves to keep your cones in position.

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Custom Cone Sleeve Printing with Eco-friendly Material

Ice cream cone sleeves are required to protect the hands from the cold substance of ice cream. Additionally, our waffle cone sleeve printing helps in creating an elegant look for your brand by printing the logo and name on it. Then all you need is to opt for our high-quality printed ice cream cone sleeves to create a wow factor among your customers. Contact us, and get the best assistance with all of your queries regarding our products.

If the demand for ice cream cones is high, the competition among the Ice Cream sellers is also increasing. All of them are in need of such unique ways to make themselves prominent and more demanding than others. For this purpose, we have introduced such incredible features that will help your custom cone sleeve printing stand out in the market.

No Worries about the Safety of Cones with Following Materials:

At Healey Packaging, we want to ensure that your product remains in proper condition. That is why we have introduced the best quality materials that will provide ultimate protection to your ice cream cones. Additionally, the materials that we prefer and offer for the custom paper cone sleeve are cardboard and Kraft. Both materials come with the flexibility of thickness. Like, you can increase and decrease it according to your choice and most probably according to the demand for the ice cream cone. You do not have to worry about the safety of your cones with these materials no matter what you do at your shop or restaurant that can be a threat for them.”

Presence of “Transparent Sheet” an Additional Way to Keep your Packaging Sleeve Safe

These ice cream cone sleeves keep your packaging sleeve safe from the melting of ice cream. A transparent sheet is used in these sleeves that don’t allow the ice cream to damage the sleeves. This way, your packaging can represent your brand amazingly and also keep your product safe.

To keep your ice cream cone packaging sleeve safe, we add a transparent sheet in the packaging sleeve. This allows us to add an additional layer of protection from ice cream and frosting.

Now you can keep your packaging sleeve safe from ice cream messes. We added a transparent sheet to the outer packaging sleeves which are helpful to keep the sleeves safer.

People often don’t realise that a sleeve is an important part of the whole package – it’s the first thing your customer sees and has to make a good impression. People often don’t realise that a sleeve is an important part of the whole package – it’s the first thing your customer sees and has to make a good impression.

Incredibly Amazing Elaboration that will Give an Alluring Look

Do you know, attracting the attention of customers is necessary for the successful nurturing of your business? It is not only necessary for the promotion of your brand but also significant for the enhancement in its sales. For this purpose, our company has introduced numerous amazing elaborations that will give an alluring look to your custom cone sleeve printing and will act as a perfect complement to your brand and business. These elaborations include innovative designs, eye-catchy colour combinations, appealing embossing and debossing, and eye-captivating coatings.

Innovative Designs

Your cone should look appealing while placed in a custom cone sleeve Printing. For this, you must visit our website HealeyPackaging where you can find a wide variety of sleeves in different shapes and designs in which you can place your ice-cream cones easily. Amendments can also be done on customers’ demand.

Eye-catchy colour combination Custom Printed Cone Sleeve

Having one unique brown or white coloured box makes us all bored. Our eyes want something different and colourful. You can have a different variety of colours in custom cone sleeves at HealeyPackaging. We use the best quality of colours which maintain their quality and brightness after a long period as well.

Appealing Embossing and Debossing

Create a sophisticated look and feel of your custom cone sleeve printing cups with embossing. Embossing is a subtle process that gives a tactile shift to specific areas of your sleeves, essentially raising them up so they can be felt. Debossing is the opposite of embossing, it essentially presses the desired design into the sleeve, leaving a recessed dimension. As an added benefit, debossing can also offer an attractive opportunity for foiling.

Swift and Stalwart Delivery

Whether you’re hosting a party or a simple family get-together, your guests will be delighted to see these custom ice cream cone sleeves. They’re the perfect accessories for any occasion, and they’ll help keep those delicious ice cream custom cone sleeve printing snug in their waffle cases from the time they’re scooped to when they hit the guests’ hands. With our Swift and Stalwart Delivery, you won’t have to worry about late or unsatisfactory delivery; your order is guaranteed to arrive in 4-8 business days.


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