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Order your custom printed mailer packaging boxes, Healey Packaging makes it easy for brands to create beautiful Wholesale mailer boxes packaging. Order mailer Packaging boxes online with fast turnaround at affordable prices. We offer quality and error-free packaging services with free shipping Worldwide.

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Mailer Corrugated Boxes The shape of custom mailer Packaging boxes

Custom mailer boxes of Healey packaging were drained, packed flat, and opened. They are folded and flat together in two different types. This is one of the best materials we can use. The indivisible side boxes connect to the back panel and the other is the inner bottom. Join the roll side box side in a straight line from the bottom. The two sides join together to form a two-layer thick sidewall, the proportions of which tend to show style. Die-cut with clean edges and more accurate dimensions and assembled without tape. The whole dimension is inside, the last dimension is depth.

Healey Packaging offers the best custom mailer packaging boxes made from 100% recycled paper. Customize your design in full colour for the best presentation for your company. Great for shipping, retail and more are available online, made to order in our factory located in California; we are a family business based on integrity & honesty and we have been shipping boxes safely throughout the United States & overseas since 2018.

Custom Mailer Boxes Protective

Corrugated mailer Packaging boxes give you a strong protection for any product, keeping items safe during long-distance transportation, handling and shipping. Depending on the amount of shelter needed, corrugated cardboard can vary in thickness and size. Also, it keeps corrugated moisture away from the product, which is important for food products that require long-term shipping.

We don’t know what they hold, how they will be handled or transported, or if they’ll ever even get to where they need to go. We want them to arrive as safely and efficiently as possible. That’s why we’re here to provide you with a wide assortment of custom mailer packaging boxes that are designed to fit your particular needs. They are made with different strengths and sizes and specialized for transportation, shipping and mailing.

Custom Printed Mailer Boxes Extremely Customizable

We’ve already talked about the thickness of the mailer corrugated boxes that can be adjusted to fit any product. It has various processes such as coating, adhesive, treatment and it can also be protected from flame. Custom mailer packaging boxes Economical and durable corrugated mailer boxes are not limited to customization or protection. In fact, it also helps you to get the best economical and durable products in the packaging to pack your products.

Information Wholesale Mailer Packaging Boxes

Length is the largest dimension of the opening in the width of the box which is the smallest dimension of the opening in the box. Depth is the distance from the opening in the box to the bottom of the box.

Packing boxes are so cheap, you can use only the exact amount you need instead of wasting money on heavy-duty boxes that will add to your shipping costs. These 4 sizes of single-wall cardboard boxes are lightweight and durable. Perfect for protecting odd-sized items and great for a variety of uses including moving, storage, shipping and more.

Why Choose Healey Packaging?

Healey Packaging is a leading provider of custom boxes. We offer a range of attractive looking custom retail and commercial boxes designed to meet your specific needs. When you are looking for standard packaging, our reliable double corrugated mailer boxes provide the best solution. We know how important it is to protect items that you ship so we provide you with custom mailer packaging boxes that include inserts and dividers. We are professional and experienced in the industry just because we have been providing the best packaging solutions at optimum prices to our clients. They are happy with the products from us and frequently recommend these mailer boxes wholesale to their friends, so if you want satisfied clients too, simply place your order today!

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    Excellent service. Yasir was very friendly and efficient and the company very helpful to deal with. I am very pleased with my products

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