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These cartons are used to package powdered Milk. A milk carton wholesale demonstrates the value of your commercial product. Keep milk fresh and tasty by packing it in SBS milk cartons. Milk bags are also used as gifts for children at school events. We customize milk cartons in a variety of styles, including gable lid milk cartons, hinged lids and cereal. In addition to different standard sizes, we allow any unique or customized size according to your requirement with 100% quality satisfaction milk cartons wholesale.

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Specs of Custom Milk Carton Wholesale

The Milk Box is the solitary national milk delivery package catering precisely in the corporate market. Currently, we conduct above 25,000 workplace deliveries every week, which we consider is a reflection of our value proposal.
Our company deals with milk boxes in powder coat or traditional galvanized finish.
We Healey Packaging Silk screening on custom milk Carton Boxes are also available for logos with up to three colours (delivered by the customer and E-mail).

We are most reliable milk delivery service.
Custom Packaging Boxes with Logo.

The dimply bottom plate adds life to your Cheap Milk Carton Boxes by not catching moisture.

Our Custom Milk Carton Boxes are wholly insulated with 1/2″ EPS forth, counting the entire lid. Detachable metal trays are included to defend insulation. For inside measurements of these insulated milk box products, deduct 1in. For insulation.

Durable construction prepared from 20 gags spurred steel gives your custom Milk Carton Boxes Wholesale centuries of useful life. Hinges are prepared from gal annealed steel to be corrosion resistant.

Custom Milk Carton Box lids exposed 180° or 270° to help with easy loading and unloading.

Symbolize your team right on your porch with our Themed Porch Boxes comprehensive with Win craft labels applied to your box.

The Custom Milk Carton Box suggests competitive pricing, with no responsibilities or contracts. However, we can encounter contractual responsibilities you need otherwise.

The Milk Carton Box milk is pervaded free and quality guaranteed. We are HACCP certified through the entire nationwide supply chain. You’re probably in the safe hands with The Milk Box!

Milk Carton Wholesale Custom Printed Milk Cartons And Milk Carton Packaging

The Custom Milk Carton Boxes can deliver a single monthly invoice combined across multiple sites. For large administrations, this will save you hours of administration interval and processing costs. Certain of our large corporate consumers have stated that the savings in management time for not processing numerous invoices is worth more than the price of their milk carton wholesale!
• No Milk Crates – The Milk Box supplies are made by stacking cardboard boxes, meaning an end to unattractive milk crates being left around your office, and the irritation of trying to locate lost crates.
• A Humble Ordering System – Make variations to your orders by our online portal anytime, with the tick of a button.
• Locally owned – The Milk Box is pompously owned and operated.
• Milk it! – The Milk Box offers 1 and 2-litre bottles of light, full cream, and extra-lite milk, as well as a variety of soy milk. We also give a range of other frozen products, including fresh juices, yoghurts, creams, and additional dairy lines.

Here is a list of Retail Boxes products for which we regularly create the Packaging Boxes:
Truffle Boxes | Tea Boxes | Pie Boxes | Bath Bomb Boxes | Cigarette Boxes | Candle Packaging Boxes |  and much more.

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  1. jenni Rose

    Healey Packaging has assisted me in designing my Milk boxes without any cost. They have a team of professional graphic designers. Completely satisfied with my order. Absolutely recommend them!

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