Five Panel Hanger Boxes

Healey Packaging’s box inventory consists of a wide variety to suit your product and packaging requirements. Our custom boxes include a range of sizes to suit the requirements for any product including custom five panel hanger boxes. These boxes have a single opening on one side and a flap that folds back over the top to form a hook or ‘door’ as it is sometimes called. The flap can also be used as a closure for the boxes as well as for hanging. All our custom boxes have been designed by us and manufactured from high-quality card material, making them very strong indeed.

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Custom Five Panel Hanger Boxes

Five panel hanger boxes are made with five panels. These five panels are used to pack the products which absolutely need to be hanged over the wall for the sale promotion of the packed products. For example, a box of 1 million cups of “Coffee Time” will look very appealing if it is hanged over the wall in a family restaurant or coffee shop. In this way, it creates a great deal of appeal among the people who come to have coffee in that place. It can also be used as a promotional item for sale purposes.

The custom five panel hanger boxes are made from hard cardboard, white in colour and they have a standard size of Two different types of custom five panel hanger boxes are being used. The first one is known as the window five panel hanger packaging boxes which have one or maybe all four sides open to show the products packed in them. This kind of five panel hanger box can be used to pack all products which need to be displayed for sale. And the other one is the plain five panel hanger boxes which are said to be more than 70% of total production.

Five panel hanger boxes are one of the primary packaging solutions used by a number of retailers and brands. They provide ease in product display as well as utility to customers. We can make these custom printed five panel hanger boxes for you. These boxes will be perfect for your products.

All you need to do is share your requirements with us, and we will personalize the boxes in the way you want. Whether you need them printed or plain, with or without lamination, embossed or debossed, we will provide them with all to you.

In order to make these custom five panel hanger packaging boxes as per your specific needs, we will use only top-quality materials for their manufacture. They will be sturdy enough to endure wear and tear from rough handling and heavyweight. In addition, with our extensive printing options, you can have them printed in any colour scheme or design of your choice.

Who Uses Five Panel Hanger Boxes Anymore, Anyway?

The five panel hanger box is an old-school option that is still used by retailers and manufacturers. In some cases, it may be the best option. For example, if your product needs a front window, then it’s a practical choice. If you need to hang your products from hooks on the wall, there’s nothing better than a five panel hanger box.

But in many cases, you’re probably not using this packaging to its full potential. It’s just another cardboard box with a hole punched in the top end. You can do better than that for your products.

If you want to stand out from the crowd, then you need custom packaging that helps you achieve your marketing goals. Let’s take a look at what makes printed five panel hanger boxes so limited and how you can get away from them for better results.

What Five Panel Hanger Packaging Boxes Get Wrong

Five panel hanger boxes are designed to hold products that are hung up on hooks in retail stores and other locations. They aren’t designed to draw attention to themselves or help drive sales. That’s why they’re such a common option — they’re cost-effective and easy to set up on the shelf. But if you want your products to be separated from all the others.


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