Four Corner Cake Box

While transporting your four-layer cakes or pastries, you want to make sure that they are secured. These four corner cake packaging boxes feature an insert board lined inside the carton to secure the items during transit and reduce the chances of movement and damages inside the carton. For easy merchandising, these boxes can be easily cut down to their flat position. Creases are made on the four corners of the carton for easy opening at the point of sale.

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Custom Four Corner Cake Box

Our Custom Four corner cake boxes are designed to meet the standard industry sizes for cakes. These boxes are the ideal choice for packaging round shaped cakes without any residual moisture. We bring you our latest innovations through these Four corner cake packaging boxes. The materials that we use in our Custom Four Corner Cake Boxes are of high quality and thus these boxes are environment friendly.

Your cake will stand out at the local supermarket with custom cake boxes. A full-colour four corner cake box is printed with your logo, adding attention to your product. Cake boxes are used most by vendors because they bring better looks to cakes. You can make your custom printed cake boxes according to your packaging display requirements. The features allow you to print all design and organization information you want on the outer layer of your four corner cake packaging box.

Four corner cake box is a cake box that has 4 corners as its name indicates. It is available in a single or double layer. The four corners of the box can be customized as per the requirements. The advantages of these custom packaging boxes are that it is eye catchy and has a great design. It is a perfect choice for gifting cake to your loved ones. If you are looking for a good branded custom four corner cake box, then come to Healey Packaging LTD who provide awesome services at awesome prices!


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