Full Flat Double Tray Packaging

A full flat double tray is a packaging solution that has a variety of applications such as arranging items at the office desk and at home, packing food and drink, clothes and toys and many more. This packaging is made of very thick cardboard stock. The thickness of cardboard stock is usually 12 pt while it can be changed up to 24 pt. The high walls of the container keep the items safe and secure and organized. The box comes with a flip-top to cover it and protect the contents of the box from sunlight, water vapour, dust and other unhealthy environmental debris.

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Full Flat Double Tray Packaging Interesting customization options

As this packaging is the perfect fit for multiple items that vary in type, shape and size, various options are available to customize the size and design Printed Full Flat Double Tray Packaging. At www.healeypackaging.co.uk we offer our customers the option of a fully flat double compartment which allows customers to choose the ideal container sizes for their goods. Through personalization, the customer can also modify the design/shape of the box if necessary. This non-glued packaging is delivered to customers flat. The flat shape not only makes loading easier and faster but also protects the packaging during transport. Returning the package to its original shape is a simple task that anyone can easily do.

Organic packaging Full Flat Double Tray

The material used in the production of the Full Flat Double Tray Packaging is 100% organic. The green packaging material protects the product and does not adversely affect it. This building material is an ideal choice for food packaging, especially baked goods. All baked goods have a fresh taste and maintain their original taste and this packaging does not alter the taste of the product or alter its shape Full Flat Double Tray.

Because we?

At Healey Packaging we believe in 100% satisfaction with every order we receive. Our dedicated team is passionate about ensuring that each of our customers receives the best printing and packaging solutions from us. Also, we have very affordable prices for these completely Custom Full Flat Double Tray Packaging. This surprisingly low price becomes even more depressing when we offer special discounts for special occasions like New Year’s, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Christmas. With our customer-centric services, we ensure that the printing and packaging experience you will receive from us will be the best you have ever had.

Free shipping

Healey Packaging offers free delivery of a fully refuelled two-seater coupe to your home. Free shipping is available for orders of 100 or more each. Thanks to our fast response policy, we guarantee that every order will be delivered to the specified location within 8-10 business days. However, if you want your package to arrive before that date, you should use our expedited shipping service, which promises to deliver the item in just 6-8 business days. This is a fast service at a minimal cost.



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