Full Flat Double Tray Packaging

A full flat double tray is a packaging solution that has a variety of applications such as arranging items at the office desk and at home, packing food and drink, clothes and toys and many more. This Full Flat Double Tray Packaging is made of very thick cardboard stock. The thickness of cardboard stock is usually 12 pt while it can be changed up to 24 pt. The high walls of the container keep the items safe and secure and organized. The box comes with a flip-top to cover it and protect the contents of the box from sunlight, water vapour, dust and other unhealthy environmental debris.

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Full Flat Double Tray Packaging Interesting customization options

Full Flat Double Tray Packaging is suitable for cosmetics, clothing, electronics, food and other industries. Double-layer tray packaging is very popular in the market. The double tray can enhance the protection of the product and make it more stable. It can also provide a certain degree of convenience to the storage and transportation of users.

The Full Flat Double Tray Packaging can be made of paper and cardboard materials, the surface can be printed with various patterns, with different materials and colours, to attract more consumers’ attention. However, since the double-layer tray is usually made of thick material compared to other types of packaging, it is generally not recommended for products that require excessive product weight (such as food) or when shipping costs are high.

Customized double-layer tray packaging design

When designing full flat double tray packaging, it should be noted that there should be enough space between the upper layer and the lower layer to allow you to place products that require a certain height distance from the bottom line; meanwhile, you can also customize some patterns or patterns on the outer surface according to your needs, To create a unique style and enhance brand awareness.

Organic packaging Full Flat Double Tray

High-quality packaging designed for organic products. It is a flat tray, with a visible transparent window that allows you to see the contents. It is made of brown cardboard, so it can be recycled, which makes it an ecological product. The tray has a double bottom so that the product is firmly attached inside. It has no flaps, but its closure is by means of a plastic film that will cover the opening.

This Full Flat Double Tray Packaging product has been created specifically for organic products that need to be transported in 100% recyclable materials and with great visibility. That’s why they have used cardboard and transparent plastic.

The design of this container is simple, as it only consists of a brown cardboard base and a transparent plastic lid. However, thanks to its properties we can use it to pack all kinds of products: fruits, vegetables, pastries or cookies, croissants… whatever you want!

As for the material used for the manufacture of this container, it is 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly.

One of the advantages of this tray is that it does not have flaps, so the risk of breakage when closing or filling the product is reduced. Moreover, since there are no flaps to close,

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Full flat double tray packaging is the first line of defence against product packaging damage. It has a flat sheet shape with two trays, which makes it a perfect packaging option for items that are light and fragile. The use of this type of packaging is not limited to any specific product, but it is often used for food and beverage products, cosmetics, or electronics.

The main goal behind the design of full flat double tray packaging is to protect the fragile items from damage during transportation and to keep them organized. The design allows you to stack the items properly on top of each other in a neat way, keeping them safe from bumps and scratches. The design also gives you a lot of room for customizing your branding with logos or any other message that you want to send through your brand. Your customers will appreciate this custom-made packaging when they receive their orders, as it makes a great unboxing experience for them.

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