Full Flap Auto Bottom Boxes

Full flap auto bottom packaging boxes are specially designed for inserting heavy materials. These packaging boxes have a pre-adhesive folding design and are similar to auto lockboxes. To get more space for the product, the body and bottom of these boxes are joined in a flat shape. The full flap Boxes can be automatically restored to their sealing status by extending the box below the auto button box.

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Custom Full Flap Auto Bottom Boxes Packaging Wholesale

Auto-bottom boxes are highly demanded in the market because they are easy to pack and assemble. These boxes can be utilized for packaging a wide range of products in an effective manner. The material used in the manufacturing of these boxes is durable and sturdy; it has the capability to bear heavyweight items as well. If you need this style of packaging for your product, then you can get Custom Full Flap Auto Bottom Boxes manufactured in different shapes and sizes. You can get them printed with striking graphics and patterns for making your product more appealing.

Custom Printed Full Flap Auto Bottom Boxes are highly popular in the market because of their easy to pack and assemble design. They can be used for holding a wide range of products in a very effective manner. The rigid cardboard material used in their manufacturing makes them durable and sturdy; it has the capability to hold heavyweight items quite easily. We offer these Custom Auto Bottom Boxes in numerous sizes, shapes, and styles so that you can get perfect boxes meeting all your packaging needs.

Why do you need packaging?

Packaging is essential for every item that is sold on retail shelves and online stores. The main reason behind it is to make the item secure from any damage or mishandling during shipping or transit. Another important reason is to increase the visibility of the product among the potential customers so they can pick your item over other brands present on the shelf. When you choose packaging that is best suited for your product, it will help you grab the attention of potential customers who are interested in buying a specific kind of product.

If you are looking forward to having full flap auto bottom boxes for your products, then we have a variety of options for you.

These types of cardboard boxes are useful when you need to pack to carry heavy loads. These Custom Full Flap Auto Bottom Packaging Boxes are flat and easy to assemble as they are already glued together and, after stretching, can take their full structural form.

Fully enclosed automatic checkouts are especially preferred for manufacturers who do not have the means to purchase third party services or use automatic packaging equipment. They are also preferable when production measurements are not done in large quantities.

The material these packaging boxes are made of is most durable. However, you can choose the material based on the weight of your item. Carton and carton up to 400 lbs. It can be used to make these Custom Full Flap Auto Bottom Boxes. With the changing trends, people now prefer eco-friendly packaging.

Kraft cardboard is one such material that is a by-product of recycling and is known for its strong and durable properties. The solid foldable kraft paper crates are renowned for their strength and durability. To make them more appealing, they can be printed in their entirety without leaving the slightest trace of their reworked existence.

Glass panels, printed moulds and perforated sheets can be added to the Custom Full Flap Auto Bottom Boxes to further enhance their appearance and display properties.


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