Colored Mailer Boxes Wholesale

Looking for a premium packaging solution for shipping? Order full colored mailer boxes wholesale and uses HealeyPackaging’s high-quality packaging with beautiful colours. Ideal for e-commerce businesses as well as traditional retail brands.

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Full coloured Mailer Boxes Made From Cardboard Board

Full colored mailer boxes wholesale are made of corrugated cardboard with at least 80% recycled material. The corrugated walls are made of three thin layers of paper board. This process provides additional protection to the mailer boxes during the delivery process.

Small Order And Bulk, Full Quantity High-Quality Printed Packaging

You need more flexibility in your business. That’s why Healey Packaging is available in small and bulk orders. You can order more than 30 printed boxes or more than 30,000!

Colored Corrugated Boxes consist of sturdy cardboard boxes with detailed digital prints on them. The technique of digital printing makes the design fluent and highly detailed. The prints on the coated cardboard look chic and fit stylish products. Your box can also be finished with glossy gloss or matte texture. This sheet lamination also adds an advanced feature to your product. Matte foil creates a smooth, elegant texture, while glossy foil gives your packaging design a more vivid, saturated look. These traditional print and closing options help you experience eye-popping inboxing.

Colored Mailer Boxes Wholesale For Shipping

The hardness of the Full Colored Mailer Boxes of Healey packaging ensures the integrity of your product throughout the shipping process. The extra layer of paper adds strength, and the extra flop prevents dust and dirt from getting into your box. Supplying your product is the key to a memorable experience associated with your brand. A clear, colourful box arrives at your customer’s office or at your doorstep. With more than 15 different sizes, it’s not hard to find the right size custom box for your product.

Here is a list of Mailer Boxes products for which we regularly create the Packaging Boxes:
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