Custom Self Lock Cake Box

These are smaller sized rectangular boxes or even larger ones that are offered depending upon the stipulations. Custom Self lock cake box die-cut cartons and are shipped in a flat shape. The Printed Self Lock Cake Box is highly attractive and durable in nature. They are easy to collect and appropriate for showcase and shipping purposes.

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Custom Self Lock Cake Box & Packaging Printing

The custom Self Lock Cake Box is a unique packaging that will keep your products intact and well protected. Paper materials are made from PVC that is waterproof, resistant to grease and moisture from cake, cookies, muffins and other baked goods. The cardboard boxes are available in various sizes, but you can even request for shapes to be made different. With cutouts on the paper box, you can show the actual shape of the product inside. It is very easy to use, simply open the box by pulling on its flap instead of having to remove tape or glue adhesive.


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