Side Lock 6 Corner Boxes

Bakery and confectionery items need durable and standard boxes to keep them fresh. Sidelock 6 corner boxes are extremely convenient and useful for delivering food and other products. These boxes are easy to use, the upper flap is useful to cover it completely. We manufacture these boxes in all custom sizes and colours. Choose printing options like CMYK, PMS or No Printing, we deliver this packaging faster.

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Custom Side Lock 6 Corner Boxes

Side Lock 6 Corner Boxes are a unique packaging solution for items requiring secure transit, preserving the value of the product during transport. These boxes also provide a branding opportunity, by offering high-quality offset printing on all sides. The moulded strength of the corrugated material makes these products durable and reusable. With a lip around all four sides to prevent liquid from leaking out of the box, our Custom Side Lock 6 Corner Boxes work perfectly with liquid products such as shampoos, milk, juices or any liquid product that you would like to ship securely. In addition, each box has a different form factor to it consisting of.


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