Custom Regular Six Corner Boxes

If you are looking for a folding carton that is versatile and highly functional in nature, then six corner tray would be a perfect choice. Like four corner tray, six corner boxes are artistically designed for various items, involving the different kinds of food.

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Custom Regular Six Corner Boxes Wholesale Packaging

In the regular six corner Packaging Boxes, the width of the lid is double the size of the width of the bottom. The structure of these trays is glued and are shipped in a flat shape. These Boxes are structured and stacked manually which provides a great option for various kinds of uses.

Healey Packaging is a professional printing company offering high quality, low-cost packaging solutions for all of our packaging boxes. We use modern printing technologies such as offset and digital printing, as well as high-quality colour technologies such as CMYK and PMS. Regular six corner packing boxes can be used for many purposes. They can also be used to increase a company’s popularity.

We can regularly offer you six corner boxes of all sizes. Send us the details of your requests and we will deliver them to you in less than 10 days. Regardless of the size of your order, the quality and delivery times of your Custom Regular Six Corner Boxes will remain the same.


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