Gable Bag Tuck End Boxes

These custom gable bag tuck end Boxes are mostly used for packaging sweets, biscuits, cupcakes and more. These gable bags tuck end Packaging boxes have many different shapes and sizes. They are mostly rectangular in shape and are used for packaging many other products.

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Custom Gable Bag Tuck End Boxes Wholesale & Packaging

Gable Bag Tuck End Boxes: It also belongs to the family of front pockets, which have the same properties as this one. The lower end of the bag is folded to close the end and make it more rigid at the bottom so that the packaged product does not fall. When the lid is closed, all sides come together.

These Gable Bag Tuck End Packaging Boxes are mainly used for wrapping candy, cookies, cakes and more. Sometimes further adjustments are made to these bags according to the customer’s needs or wishes, either by cutting off the lid and covering it with a plastic sheet or adding a grip handle. This plastic wrap helps you see through and protect it from the elements and elements of Custom packaging Boxes.


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