Auto Bottom Tray Packaging

The Auto Bottom tray is created in the Auto Bottom style and represents that most products are packaged in this way. It is an easy to assemble packaging that provides a secure fit for your products. With this piece, you can create multiple displays all at once utilizing the many assembly options available for Auto-Bottom trays wholesale. Healey Packaging Creations has various styles of Auto Bottom packaging, including hinged, form fit, bottom creation style and box creation style (also called three styles).

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Custom Auto bottom tray Packaging Boxes Wholesale

This custom Auto Bottom Tray Packaging is designed for transporting products the packaging includes a sturdy base with closure tabs. The Auto Bottom Tray Boxes conforms to your products and come with locking tabs on the bottom of the packaging. This is a unique, structural box that can be filled from one side. Because this box is made on a folding style carton, it has a sleeve put on for cover to view its structure inside out.

Auto bottom trays are utilized for the purpose of display wherein, they are completely light in structure, which means they can easily be fitted into a car or any other auto without the need of carrying the Packaging box separately. They look good from all sides and also find out to be a multipurpose product available in various sizes and shapes to suit the buyers’ needs. In addition, they are well-suited to make use of as a simple carry-out product, where it can be carried around with ease.

What Sizes and Shapes are required?

Our custom auto bottom trays can be used to shape your products and features depending on what you want. You can be inspired by the stock shapes that we have or you can actually have us design something from scratch that you would love to see in the market. Some of our customers have been able to utilise our blank trays for various purposes where they print their company logo and shapes on the blank tray boxes. The options are endless when it comes to Custom auto bottom tray packaging.


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