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Let us first assert, what is a cardstock paper. In the paper world, this is also known as cover stock and pasteboard. This form of paper is denser and thicker than usual offset printing papers. But relatively it is thin even then a single wall layer of the corrugated box.

Usually, this stock is used for an enormously extensive range of products:

Most of the retail packaging is stuffed and displayed in the boxes of these stocks. Card stock comes in a smooth, glossy or matte finish. It can be textured, laminated, embossed and debossed proficiently. Cardstock packaging provides optimum quality of colour results. How cardstock boxes are helping the industries?

Let’s have a look at the following contents.

Print Friendly

cardboard stock

The top appealing aspect of cardstock boxes is their print-friendly nature. Cardstock is one of the optimum paper stocks, which can provide the most attractive and high-end print outcome.

When it comes to following the PMS (Pantone Matching System) by using CMYK or screen print techniques. Then, custom cardstock boxes with bespoke designs come as the first choice for every product.

It has a smooth surface that absorbs the printing inks efficiently and elegantly. So, it provides real-life image quality by each time. Cardstock complies adequately to embossing or debossing the images, logos, sketches or various other patterns.

Windows can easily die-cut in these boxes. Hence, consumers have an instant idea about product specifications.

We, at Healey Packaging proficiently manufacture custom printed cardstock boxes, for every purpose, and for every industry.

Adding the Affordability

Cardstock is not only super sophisticated packaging material, but it is also incredibly affordable.

Therefore, all of the industries prefer to have cardstock packaging.

It is commendably lightweight. So, to carry, display and its shipping is also very easy and again, inexpensive.

CardstockTop-Notch Aspects

Cardstock boxes are optimum packaging solutions with possible effects. These are totally recyclable. Hence, each time your packaging makes its impact by going green.

We are the leading American brand for cardstock packaging. We are endlessly working for not only the improvisation but also for the innovation of new packaging ideas. We work for existing markets and for tomorrow.

Packhit ensures the comfort of custom cardstock boxes wholesale by each and every time.

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